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How many hours you work a day?
I´m a student
I work part time
I work full time
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How many years have you been working on your field?
Between one and two years
More than 3 years
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Have you ever worked abroad?
Yes, for quite some time
No, never
I would love too, but I haven't had the opportunity
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Which is your work field?
Medical Sector
Business administration
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Do you consider that you have more responsability than your workmates?
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How big is your company?
Less than 50 employees
More than 50 empleoyees
Between 150 and 300 employees
More than a thousand employees
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Do you work for a multinational company?
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Do you usually find yourself working longer than you should?
Yes, everyday I work one extra hour at least
Sometimes I have to work a little bit more
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If you find a problem in your job...
You fix it by your own
You ask your boss for help
You ask your colleagues for help
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I prefer a(n) ________ job
Are you sure you want to leave now?
You can try again later.
{"clases":["General"],"preguntas":[{"titulo":"How many hours you work a day?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"I\u00b4m a student","img":"","puntos":"1"},{"titulo":"I work part time","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"I work full time","img":"","puntos":"10"}]},{"titulo":"How many years have you been working on your field?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"One ","img":"","puntos":"1"},{"titulo":"Between one and two years","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"More than 3 years","img":"","puntos":"10"}]},{"titulo":"Have you ever worked abroad?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Yes, for quite some time","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"No, never","img":"","puntos":"1"},{"titulo":"I would love too, but I haven't had the opportunity","img":"","puntos":"1"}]},{"titulo":"Which is your work field?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Medical Sector","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"Engineering","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"Business administration","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"Others","img":"","puntos":"5"}]},{"titulo":"Do you consider that you have more responsability than your workmates?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Yes","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"No","img":"","puntos":"5"}]},{"titulo":"How big is your company?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Less than 50 employees","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"More than 50 empleoyees","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"Between 150 and 300 employees","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"More than a thousand employees","img":"","puntos":"10"}]},{"titulo":"Do you work for a multinational company?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Yes","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"No","img":"","puntos":"10"}]},{"titulo":"Do you usually find yourself working longer than you should?\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Yes, everyday I work one extra hour at least","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"Sometimes I have to work a little bit more","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"Never","img":"","puntos":"1"}]},{"titulo":"If you find a problem in your job...\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"You fix it by your own","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"You ask your boss for help","img":"","puntos":"1"},{"titulo":"You ask your colleagues for help","img":"","puntos":"5"}]},{"titulo":"I prefer a(n) ________ job\t","clase":"General","adicional_chk":"0","adicional_cont":"","tempo_chk":"0","tempo":"0","respuestas":[{"titulo":"Easy","img":"","puntos":"5"},{"titulo":"Challenging","img":"","puntos":"10"},{"titulo":"Demanding","img":"","puntos":"10"}]}],"resultados":[{"titulo":"You work at an inportant positiion of a pretty big company, that\u00b4s why your job is so valuable. And you should be paid around 20000,00R. If you are not getting this amount we are sure that you will get soon a promotion. \t","img":"","puntos_ini":"80","puntos_fin":"100"},{"titulo":"Your work is quite inportat for your company, that\u00b4s why you shoud be paid around 17000,00R. If you are not getting this sallary you might have to start thinking about asking for a promotion. Good luck!\t","img":"","puntos_ini":"60","puntos_fin":"79"},{"titulo":"You do a great job for your company and that\u00b4s why you are paid around 15700,00R. Do your best and you will get a raise because the company you work for has enough resources.\t","img":"","puntos_ini":"41","puntos_fin":"60"},{"titulo":"You work hard for your company and that\u00b4s why your salary is around 14000,00R. Keep learning and strive to improve your working abilities so you can ask for a salary or change to another job.\t","img":"","puntos_ini":"31","puntos_fin":"40"},{"titulo":"Focus on your work. We are sure that your 13900,00R.salary is going to be raised soon due to your capabilities and commitment towards your company.\t","img":"","puntos_ini":"1","puntos_fin":"30"}],"titulo":"How much should you be paid?"}


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